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The sun is still shining and I have had a busy week so now it's time to try and find some nice piece of ass to finish off my afternoon. Then a very easy going innocent lady was my next fare and the...(Read more)

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Well it was a lovely sunny day in London and I couldn't wait to get started to see woman I could get into. Soon enough I struck gold with a lady in all black with long black hair and red lipstick,...(Read more)

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Time to have some fun, I picked up this quiet red head she seemed a bit troubled when I asked her what was wrong she said she had just done a model casting interview and it was all on tape and she was...(Read more)

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Well I'm still in Prague and I've managed to get another girl in the taxi before I catch a flight home. This petite little stunner was what I've been waiting for and although she spoke very little...(Read more)

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Well I fancied a change so I got a flight to Prague to join my colleague and see if I can work my magic over there. Once in Prague he came to pick me up in my old taxi there was a big Fake Taxi logo...(Read more)

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This was one talented lady in more ways than one. She was trying to break into the music business any way she could so when I told her I had a good friend who was a producer for one of the TV shows...(Read more)

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This was the highlight of my month, she was a tourist originally from Russia and it was her very first day in London. I said she could get her tits out and have the cab fare for free which eventually...(Read more)

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Well this one was a big surprise, picked up my first customer of the day and she told me that she knew one day I would pick her up and that she was the media girl for You Porn one of the websites that...(Read more)

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Well what can I say as soon as this woman got in the cab and realised that I was scottish all she Then wanted to do was fuck my brains out. Apparently I reminded her of her last boyfriend that she...(Read more)

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This was a pleasant surprise as I had no luck all day trying it on with women and then I get a customer from Australia quite a petite girl she was over for some holidays. I wasted no time trying it on...(Read more)

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