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I decided to start working in a different part of London as I've fucked most of the stunners in my old patch, and I still managed to pick up a woman that I'd fucked in the cab before. She was stunning...(Read more)

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At last, the time had come that I was able to catch this blonde stunner on her way home from work. You may remember her, me and my fellow taxi driver fucked her and her friend in the back of the taxi....(Read more)

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Valerie and Amica

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Well where do I fucking start with these two. I was on a lunch break in a petrol station when I heard the cab door being opened, I said, I'm on lunch at the moment sorry, then a voice from the back...(Read more)

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This was one day I'm glad I came to work. This super Hot Hungarian woman got into my cab after visiting her boyfriend in England while she also has a Husband in Hungary. I knew this girl would be up...(Read more)

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This was one hot American, have you seen her tits? They are stunning. I was up to my usual old tricks to try and get her tits out for a free ride and it worked, sixty percent of the time it works...(Read more)

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This was the day that every taxi man dreams of, the day that a well known porn star gets in the cab for a lift. I wasn't sure at first but the longer she was in the cab I knew it was definitely her,...(Read more)

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The sun is still shining and I have had a busy week so now it's time to try and find some nice piece of ass to finish off my afternoon. Then a very easy going innocent lady was my next fare and the...(Read more)

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Well it was a lovely sunny day in London and I couldn't wait to get started to see woman I could get into. Soon enough I struck gold with a lady in all black with long black hair and red lipstick,...(Read more)

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Time to have some fun, I picked up this quiet red head she seemed a bit troubled when I asked her what was wrong she said she had just done a model casting interview and it was all on tape and she was...(Read more)

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This was the highlight of my month, she was a tourist originally from Russia and it was her very first day in London. I said she could get her tits out and have the cab fare for free which eventually...(Read more)

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