Hazel and Jack2

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It was finally time I pulled up to a quiet little spot and could not wait to jump in the back. As I stepped in they were of course already naked so the first thing I did was strip off, without...(Read more)

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Hazel and Jack

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Well what seemed like just another day just got a bit better. I picked up a couple who have not seen each other for a few weeks and naturally they were all over each other, kissing and holding hands....(Read more)

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Well, welcome to the spin class girl. I've heard from other drivers that there is a woman deliberately not taking enough money with her in the taxi and then offering to suck or fuck the driver to get...(Read more)

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This lovely, attractive lady was definitely on a one night stand last night, she was all dolled up from the night before. As I got speaking to her she said she went back to a guys flat for some fun,...(Read more)

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Today I struck gold with a sexy Spanish lady over here visiting a friend. I told her the usual tourist bollocks that if she gets her tits out I will have to give her a free ride and she did. She then...(Read more)

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It was just a normal day in my London cab and then as I pulled up to my next customer, all I could see was big blonde hair and big tits. This was off to a good start, but I also needed to earn some...(Read more)

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I noticed a stunning blonde having some car trouble, so I thought I would drive pass slowly to see if she needed help. As I approached her she waved me down and jumped in. She wanted me to take her to...(Read more)

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Well here I am again, this time of year is very busy so I tend to start very early in the mornings to earn some much needed extra cash. My second pick up of the day was a feisty brunette, who was very...(Read more)

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I was having a good day so far in the taxi and then I picked up my next customer. She was a sweet girl and I thought maybe this will be the one who's up for a quick shag. But as we were driving along...(Read more)

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As I approached the customer in the taxi I could see she was very edgy and as she got in told me she was running late for her next job and could I put my foot down. I said I will do my best, but where...(Read more)

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