Pete and Sasha Part 2

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I finally find a place to park and my cock was starting to ache. I needed to get in the back and give this blonde a good licking. She had great big tits and you could tell she was loving every minute...(Read more)

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Pete and Sasha

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Well this was a blast from the past, you may remember Pete from a threesome we done in the taxi over a year ago. He's another dirty little bastard and I bet this new girl of his will be up for some...(Read more)

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It's not everyday I get a hot red head in the cab, and especially a lesbian red head this was a challenge that I was more than willing to except. She was on her way to her girlfriends house when I...(Read more)

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There is a lot of tourists in London and I get my fair share of them in the taxi, and nearly all of them fall for the tits out trick for a free ride. It's a win, win situation. They save some money...(Read more)

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My next customer you might remember from before, it was a good while back but as soon as she got in the cab she recognised me and the game was on. I reminded her that the last time we fucked in the...(Read more)

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This is one for the books, the next lady I picked up I recognised from one of those late night chat lines on TV. I called in a couple of times and had a cheeky wank while I was talking to her on the...(Read more)

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So I picked up a chick wanting to go to Waddon. That's a fair distance, so I went to fill up my tank, and whispered that I wouldn't mind filling her tank up too. She heard this and to my surprise said...(Read more)

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It was another day in the life of a London taxi driver and as I was just about thinking what to have to eat, I get a fare. She was a lady originally from America, but now lives in England. As we were...(Read more)

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Well what can I say, I liked the way this lady was put together and I was going to do everything in my power to make sure I was balls deep within the hour. I thought I would go down the modelling...(Read more)

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Well this is getting more and more common by the day, another woman who thinks it's Ok to suck cock instead of paying for the cab fare. I mean I don't mind, but I like the challenge of getting into...(Read more)

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