FakeTaxi - The Best Ride in Town

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There is no such thing as a free ride, and these fake taxi drivers decided to capitalize. Join their intrepid, dangerous, provocative adventurers as they drive around looking to get sex for fares that they aren't even licensed to give. A brand new, thrilling, hot and heavy website.

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There I was in my taxi bay waiting for the next customer, and in walks a super fit blonde with tits like bowling balls, I asked her where she wanted to go and she replied anywhere, just drive. She was...(Read more)

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Well fuck me, the first customer of the day was a one of the first girls I shagged when I started recording these videos over a year ago. I thought I recognized her and when she asked if I drove my...(Read more)

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This really was my lucky day, as I picked up this attractive woman she looked like she was in her early twenty's and up for a laugh so I asked her if she gave me a flash of her tits I would do the...(Read more)

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Today I'd been really looking forward to having my lunch break and just siting back and reading my titty mag. Then like a slap across the face, I get this nutter banging on my door. I said I will cut...(Read more)

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I could not believe my luck when I pulled up and noticed that my next customer was very hot. I could tell by the way she was standing that she had already had a few drinks. She was leaving a works...(Read more)

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This lady had done lots of traveling and now lived in Australia, though I was willing to bet she didn't know her way around London, so I took her the long way round, twice. But to my surprise this was...(Read more)

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I love hot women who dress well and this lady was looking as good as it gets. She wanted me to drop her off to do some shopping in a very expensive part of town. I was curious as to what she does for...(Read more)

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Well, what can I say boys? I just couldn't help myself. This girl is so hot, I had to try and get her in the taxi one more time after trying to convince her that I wasn't stalking her, which I was for...(Read more)

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This lovely lady was from Poland, and I could tell straight away she had a cracking body. I gave her my usual charms, and before she knew what was going on, I had her showing me her tits. Little did...(Read more)

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This one took me by surprise. She was only in the cab for a few minutes, before she just started shouting abuse at me. I didn't know what the fuck was going on, so I asked her what her problem was....(Read more)

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