FakeTaxi - The Best Ride in Town

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There is no such thing as a free ride, and these fake taxi drivers decided to capitalize. Join their intrepid, dangerous, provocative adventurers as they drive around looking to get sex for fares that they aren't even licensed to give. A brand new, thrilling, hot and heavy website.

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As I picked up my next customer she said she had a disappointing morning as she was not able to go out riding with her horse, she still had all her riding clothes on and it looked very hot. She...(Read more)

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Today I picked up a lovely girl over here on holiday from Prague. After some discussion and me trying to chat her up and get in her knickers, she suddenly just asked me out of the blue if I was the...(Read more)

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I was back in the game and was looking for a bit of action when I pulled up to this sweet blonde lady waiting outside a local swingers club. I asked if she had been to the swingers club and she said...(Read more)

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This was one for the books, after picking this lady up she said she was cold in the back of the taxi, then she heard me saying to myself that I wouldn't mind getting in the back to warm her up. She...(Read more)

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Today I struck gold. A lovely hot American MILF, with a great pair of big tits. It was her first time in London so I gave her the old speech, that if she showed me her tits I would give her the ride...(Read more)

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Hazel and Jack2

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It was finally time I pulled up to a quiet little spot and could not wait to jump in the back. As I stepped in they were of course already naked so the first thing I did was strip off, without...(Read more)

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Hazel and Jack

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Well what seemed like just another day just got a bit better. I picked up a couple who have not seen each other for a few weeks and naturally they were all over each other, kissing and holding hands....(Read more)

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Well, welcome to the spin class girl. I've heard from other drivers that there is a woman deliberately not taking enough money with her in the taxi and then offering to suck or fuck the driver to get...(Read more)

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This lovely, attractive lady was definitely on a one night stand last night, she was all dolled up from the night before. As I got speaking to her she said she went back to a guys flat for some fun,...(Read more)

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Today I struck gold with a sexy Spanish lady over here visiting a friend. I told her the usual tourist bollocks that if she gets her tits out I will have to give her a free ride and she did. She then...(Read more)

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