FakeTaxi - The Best Ride in Town

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There is no such thing as a free ride, and these fake taxi drivers decided to capitalize. Join their intrepid, dangerous, provocative adventurers as they drive around looking to get sex for fares that they aren't even licensed to give. A brand new, thrilling, hot and heavy website.

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While I was driving and looking for work I pick up my next customer after we spoke about the weather she said she recognises my voice I thought not to much of it until I started to realise that she...(Read more)

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Well this was hardly a tough challenge, the minute she got in the cab I knew exactly where she was going. The only place you could go looking like that was the local strip club in town. The place is...(Read more)

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As I approached this lovely lady in the taxi all I could see at first was this great ass and I instantly got the horn. Then she got in the taxi and all I could see was a great pair of tits, this was...(Read more)

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My next customer was already off to a bad start as earlier in the day she was stopped by a police man for soliciting and rather than getting charged and fined he ended up fucking her. She is in...(Read more)

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Well it's Halloween and I usually get my fair share of nutters wanting a lift to parties, but this one seemed a bit strange as this was early afternoon and there she was standing waiting for a cab in...(Read more)

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If there is one thing I love about London it's all the hot women that you see walking about and my next customer was no exception. This lady was stunning and to be honest I wasn't to sure if I was...(Read more)

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After an already busy morning my next customer was a lady from up North. I love the women from the North, their accent gives me a hard on. When I asked her what brought her to London, she said it was...(Read more)

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Another day in paradise. This was one of those days that I really needed to earn some cash and then in comes this hot bird with huge big tits. Trying not to get distracted I was aiming to get the...(Read more)

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This was one for the books, I picked up a student who looked like she was half dressed with her big tits hanging out of her top, not that I was complaining. I then asked her how she was able to...(Read more)

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Well this journey didn't start off to good as the customer opened the door to my new taxi and smashed it into a lamp post, I was dying to say something but the plans I had for this one were gonna...(Read more)

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