FakeTaxi - The Best Ride in Town

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There is no such thing as a free ride, and these fake taxi drivers decided to capitalize. Join their intrepid, dangerous, provocative adventurers as they drive around looking to get sex for fares that they aren't even licensed to give. A brand new, thrilling, hot and heavy website.

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This was another tourist this time from America. This was just gonna be a normal fare for me as I needed the cash but even when you don't expect it you do what you got to do. With no money apart from...(Read more)

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This was one pissed of customer. With pressure off her father and boyfriend to settle down and get married this lady was having none of it. You could tell she just wanted cock and wanted it now. She...(Read more)

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Well what can I say I've been rumbled. From the moment she got in the cab she recognised the taxi from the adult sites on the internet. And after some denial from myself she soon got me to admit that...(Read more)

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My next fare was an attractive woman that I picked up from the airport, she had just landed from a business trip that she cut short due to a very important text from her friend. She was going home to...(Read more)

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This little cutie was a tourist from Russia over here on holiday with a few friends. But when she could not pay my high taxi price it was a trip to the police station or sucking my cock, she choose...(Read more)

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This was a plan that needed precise handling, I just picked this blonde up from a model casting interview and I know what goes on in these castings and I also wanted a bit of the action. I could tell...(Read more)

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My next fare was a woman looking to catch a train but I said i would do the same same journey for a very good price and she said ok and we were on our way. I asked her if she would like a discount on...(Read more)

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This was one instance that I really needed to earn as much money as I can, and when the lady said she had no money to pay me I was genuinely pissed off. Today of all days I needed cash not my cock...(Read more)

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This blonde had tits bigger than the O2 arena and there was no way I was gonna let her go without trying to suck on them bad boys. With only a few pounds to her name as her boyfriend left her stranded...(Read more)

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This was one strong minded woman, and got what she wanted when she wanted it. That also goes for the men in her life, I heard hear conversation on the phone about shagging some fella on the weekend...(Read more)

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